Well I forgot to tell everyone, the reason I decided to start a blog was from looking at the 1000awesomethings blog, and book, I know those are meant for happiness but letting these things off my shoulders, due bring me some happiness

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Changing my life style

So I’ve left my hometown to move with my girlfriend in hers but it wasnt all for her it was for me too, I needed to get out of the life style I was in, I owned a bar and I worked 7 days a week would get to the bar at 12pm leave about 4am not a healthy way to live , so I walked away decided to move and start over, but realizing that most of the well-paying jobs need a degree of some sort, at my age of 32 most people have already gotten there degrees, but for me it didn’t happen, after I graduated high school I went straight to the military from 1996 to 2004, after that I got out start working as a bartender and worked for a credit company on a phone and in a cubical which I hated couldn’t stand being in closed, so i left that job and stayed with the bartender gig it was great making cash money and having people to talk to face to face not on phone.  so I did it for about 2yrs and then got a GM job at a bar and did it about 2yrs or so then I decided it was time to get my own place and I did get myself a nice sports bar, we did good money  but I wasnt waking up with a smile I was always stressing out and even when I was away from the bar my mind would still be thinking about the bar. So now I’m 32 and I’m not sure if I should start school, my military time allows me to go to school for free and get some money every month, I’m just wondering if anyone has anything to say about these things I’ve written, give me a comment pls

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Hello world!

Well people it’s  “me” I’m not to sure why I decided to start this blog but I feel I need to get somethings out of my head. I figured maybe some of the things im going through may help others understand themselves and maybe give me some advice on somethings on mine. As for the name of my blog it comes from a saying me and my girlfriend say to each other sometimes when we really don’t want to do what the other wants “Whatever, I guess” that’s the answer  instead of no. I’m not to sure how blogs really work I’m not sure if I need to start explaining my life from the past to the present or just start from were I am today , well I’m not sure but I’ll give a small outline on my past in the “about” section of the blog.


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